About Us

Members of the Julian 4th of July Parade Committee

Presentation of the Julian 4th of July Parade is a community effort and one of the reasons it’s considered the “best small town parade in America.” Here are the people who work year-round to make the parade wonderful. We could not do it without the help of the committee volunteers and community support organizations listed below.


Mike Menghini, President

Mike Charlonne, Secretary

Linda Ross, Treasurer / Fundraising

Dana Pettersen, Staging Area / Fundraising

Toni Menghini, Flags / Decorations
Allisun Kraemer, Pre-Parade Activities
Matt Kraemer, Bands

Kim Simas, Awards / Social Media / Website

Bill Everett, Aerial Display

Jim Madaffer, Dignitaries / Announcer

Robin Madaffer
Eva Hatch,  Event Program

Past Julian 4th of Julian Parade Committee Members Include:

Jim Mazzone

Carroll Ruffell

Cheryl Brown

Mary Morris

Lisa Powell

Bobbi Zane

Mike Van Bibber

Tiffany Baggalini

Ed Glass

Mike Hatch

Sue Zugay

Jane Bragdon

Jack Shelver

Michael Hart

Tori Stark

Albie Stark

Karen Priban

Wes Bannister

Lena Fluharty

Leslie Crouch

Toni Harter

Parade Volunteers at the Event:

Hilary Ward

Erin Miller

Robin Riley

In Memoriam

Diana Garrett

Marion Moore

Krisie Morgan

 Special Thanks

  California Highway Patrol

  Julian Sheriff Station

Without the support from our local law enforcement agencies, we would not be able to provide a safe, family and community-centered event. Thank you especially to the Senior Volunteer Patrol for their dedication to our community.

Join the Julian 4th of July Parade Committee

We need volunteers! Come be a part of a fun group of volunteers that plan and  work on the day of the event. The parade committee usually starts planning the parade the October prior to the event. We meet monthly to discuss and plan the specifics of the parade.  If you would like to join the group, please email us at julian4thofjulyparade@gmail.com.

The Parade Committee welcomes your feedback.